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Why get a Tutor?

We recognise that acquiring a tutor is a big step and a financial outlay. However, it is important that you view it as an investment in your son/daughter’s education. Your decision to work with a tutor, is an investment in your child’s confidence, exam techniques, grades, and exam results – supporting them to achieve their full potential in the most important part of their personal and academic development.

As schools return to normal please don't underestimate the advantage of a tutor in catching up - we have a dedicated  COVID-19 page to find out more.

Read more about the benefits a tutor can provide by reading below. 

Reasons for getting a tutor!

Improve Confidence

If you are concerned that your child lacks confidence, or struggles with their confidence, a tutor can really help. Primary and Secondary age children are often wary of asking a teacher a question or answering a question in front of their peers in a classroom or group environment – and one-on-one tutoring can help to build their confidence. 

A Tutor will work with your son or daughter to build confidence and ensure they are able to thrive at school and prepare for tests and exams - whether online or in the classroom!

Raising Hands
Good Grades

Improve Grades

Students get one chance at education and one chance at tests & exams - whether that be SATS, GCSE or A Levels. 

We will carefully match our tutoring to your son/daughters ability using the expertise of out tutors. A tutor can accelerate your son/daughters progress enabling them to push on to make grade improvements and even achieve a 5 or 6, or an A*!

​Exam techniques will be central to your tutors work with your son/daughter - guiding them in how to unlock marks that were previously unattainable. 

Next Steps / Catching Up

Is your son/daughter moving classes, moving sets or moving to college this year?

As students move to their next educational step, things change and they can often perceive themselves to be falling behind and lack confidence.

A tutor now, over the summer and into the start of September 2022 can be really beneficial and help students cope with the changes that they will encounter.  

A tutor from Horsforth Tutoring can help your son or daughter catch up and have confidence in taking the next step - whatever their aspiration or next steps are. 

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