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Prices and Rates

Teacher led tutoring:

£38.50 for all subjects per hour

£45 per hour for A-Level

Peer led tutoring:

£17.5 an hour for all subjects

The rates above have been reviewed for delivery from September 2022. 

The unit of time used to determine rates is one hour, but tuition may also be given in multiples or fractions of this. 

Teacher Helping Student

Tutoring Types

Tutor Types

Both types of tutor we offer are adapt at pushing students to the highest grade possible. 

Qualified teacher - this tutor type is an experienced classroom practitioner and has many years of pushing students to the best grades possible. 

Peer Tutor - more affordable than a qualified tutor and often more "relatable" are our peer tutors - these are students who have achieved top marks in recent GCSE exams and are able to tutor students to maximise their results whilst being a "peer"

How Tutoring is Delivered

We recommend tutoring takes place over 39 weeks a year (matching school term dates).

Lessons are scheduled at a time convenient to you and the tutor

Types of Tutoring

The prices below relate to the following types of tutoring:

In your home tuition

In the tutor’s home tuition

Online tuition (using a platform like Zoom)

Note: online lessons are really effective and allow the tutor to interact really well, they avoid travelling time and are often more convenient for students. 

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