School Is Back (but very different)

COVID-19 will have impact on students now but for years to come..........

Please see the relevant section below:

-COVID Catch Up

-Transition during COVID

-Confidence Building

-Exams in 2022

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Covid Selfie Graduation

Transition During Summer 2021

Summer 2021 will be like no other - students may be moving from one year to the next or they could be going to High School or College. 

Horsforth Tutoring can provide Summer Catch Up / Transition Support to make sure your son / daughter has the best possible start in September whatever they are moving to!

Classroom Lecture

Mock Exams / "Real" Exams (2022 and beyond)

Our tutors will use their teaching expertise to practice exam questions and techniques with your son/daughter in order to maximise their achievement in school and during their their exams.

Mock exams are less than a year away  with "real exams" following later - so get a tutor as exams approach to avoid disappointment and to maximise your son/daughters success!

COVID 19 Catch Up

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the education of many young people. 

We offer COVID catch up - tailoring the work to match the work set at school to make sure your son / daughter has the best chance of catching up. 

Don't delay and request a tutor as soon as possible!

Students Taking Exams

Confidence Building

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on students confidence - as students  return to the classroom use a tutor to help build confidence to secure the best grades they can and excel at school. Remember they will need help to be confident, answer questions and stand out from the crowd!

Math Notebook and Calculator