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Fully Qualified Teachers Tutoring in Leeds

All postcode areas and all subjects covered!

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Visit our dedicated COVID-19 Catch-up page to find out how we can support you and your son / daughter to catch up and get ahead now that schools are back!


Why Horsforth Tutoring?

*Fully Qualified Teachers Only! (vetted and interviewed by us)

*Our Tutoring is Quality Assured (including observations upon request)

*Live Individual Learning Plans (available to access anytime to check on progress)

*DBS Checked Tutors

*Flexibility (your place, the tutors place or online)

*Founded  and Supported by an Experienced Headteacher

*Facebook groups for parents and tutors to help and support the process of tutoring

*COVID 19 may have affected your son / daughters education - catch up with a local qualified tutor - remember the impact of COVID-19 isn't now but into future years too!

*Exams are changing all the time - please visit our dedicated exam page to find out more!

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Why Work With a Tutor?

*Help students take the next step

*Improve grades

*Build confidence 

*Cover missed topics / learning

*Progress to a higher set

*Additional subject input & exam revision

*Catch up

*Enhance Exam Technique

*COVID-19 catch up

Getting a tutor is often a big step for families and one you need to take with confidence. 

We have a dedicated page detailing the positive benefits for working with a tutor in more detail.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the exams and assessments for young people in 2021 and 2022 - please visit our COVID/Exams page for more information!


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Taking the Next Step


When your son / daughter changes class, goes to high school they need extra help - find out more here

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Fully qualified teachers only



What parents say about us.......

"My son fell behind during the COVID pandemic in 2020........The tutor made sure my son caught up and is working well towards his exams in school......"

Year 11 Parent

"This year it has been more important than ever for my daughter to do well.........the tutor made sure she succeeded and didn't fall behind due to COVID-19......"

Year 9 Parent

"Ive used a tutor for the last few years for my daughter. They helped her to do really in her GCSEs and they have worked hard to support her with A Levels too!"

Year 13 Parent