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Classmates in the Library

About Us

Horsforth Tutoring Ltd is unique in the marketplace:

We are led by an experienced Headteacher who delivers lessons but also quality assures our tutors. 

We constantly quality assure our tutors work and request your FEEDBACK to make on-going improvements. 

Lessons are regularly quality assured by an experienced Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher

Science Class

Our Story

In December 2020 our Lead Tutor and Founder - Anthony Smith set up Horsforth Tutoring Limited. 

Frustrated with the lack of qualified tutors offering tutoring and the oversupply of non qualified teachers, Anthony set up Horsforth Tutoring Limited so he could continue to teach Maths and Science and to offer qualified tutors for all subjects across Leeds.

Using his significant expertise in the education sector he has established Horsforth Tutoring Limited so parents benefit from:

*Fully qualified tutors

*A quality assurance framework

*Live learning plans

*Quality tutoring service

Horsforth Tutoring Team

Who We Are


Anthony Smith

Founder and Lead Tutor

Anthony is an experienced Science and Maths Teacher. He has held many positions in secondary schools over an extensive career including Head of Science, Headteacher and Chair of Governors.

As a local to Horsforth / Leeds, Anthony founded Horsforth Tutoring to ensure that parents like himself were able to access quality experienced teachers to tutor their children. 

Kirstie Smith

Maths (primary) and Piano Teacher

Kirstie is an experienced primary teacher and well known in Horsforth for providing piano and music lessons. Kirstie has held positions in a range of primary schools including Deputy Headteacher. 

Since becoming a Mum to 3 wonderful children, Kirstie has focused on building her skills as a piano and maths tutor and has extensive experience of working in the the tutoring sector. 

Barney Smith


As the youngest member of the Smith family, Barney is a firm favourite with pupils and the families we work with in Horsforth. 

He is very friendly and acts as a mentor to Anthony and Kirstie when they want some advice. Keep an eye out on social media for updates from Barney!

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